Top 3 free games against boredom

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You are looking for free games against boredom ? Don’t worry there are thousands! But in this article we want to focus on the 3 best free browser games against boredom.

The best games against boredom:

In the games I will introduce to you here in this article, of course, all are absolutely free to play. Some can buy extra bonus items for money. Nevertheless, I believe that with these games, even without paying, you can fight perfectly against a little boredom. So let’s start with my personal top 5, for free games against boredom.

1st place: MyFreeFarm

I think I was just 10 years old when I first played MyFreeFarm and since then I’m just a big fan. That’s why I see it as my personal no.1 of the best free games against boredom. For those who don’t know MyFreeFarm yet, here’s some information.

At MyFreeFarm, you take on the role of a farmer and control your own farm. You can grow vegetables/fruit etc. in your fields to sell them in the city or trade in the marketplace. Furthermore, there are also many other things you need to take care of, do, or buy. It’s best if you just try it out. But I can promise you with certainty: with MyFreeFarm you will definitely defeat any kind of boredom 😉 !

My Free Farm – free browser game *

2nd place : MonsterArmy

At number 2 for me is the free online role-playing game MonstersArmy. I’ve only discovered it recently, but since then it’s been my go-to game against boredom! In this game, you take on the role of a vampire or werewolf who rules an entire village as a lord. The whole thing takes place, in a medieval, gloomy and scary world, with many other players. But I don’t want to reveal too much just try it myself!

Play Browsergame MonstersArmy

3rd place : SchoolWars (RELOADED)

Not yet the right game against boredom have been there for you ? Don’t worry 3rd will definitely please you 😉

At number 3 for me is the free browser game SchoolWars. In SchoolWars, the school day is over-experienced. It’s about friends and reputation, but also about money and power. The trade in cool equipment, food, collectible cards, pets and much more is only a means to an end. As well as competitions and training. Awards, rewards and a few tasks won are far from being won by a long way to gain the upper hand at the school. And only the best dare to compete against others in holiday camps. Create your own gait or try your luck alone and strive for power! Even if you think now: oh you shit even more school! Don’t worry the game is by no means comparable to your school days 😉 But convince yourself and try it out.

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