The 5 rules for successful weight loss

The 5 rules for successful weight loss

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In this article I will introduce you today “my 5 rules for successful weight loss“. These will mainly be basic rules that make losing weight easier and therefore easier! This again will eventually make sure that you can lose weight successfully!

New Year New Me: Losing weight is the order of the day!

Because the time has come again: the new year has begun! And as every year, thousands of people are taking a look at getting in shape this year and getting the kilos of the last days (months) down again.

But many fail to achieve their goals and give up after a short time. Studies in recent years even show that almost half of the projects that most of the projects are planning for the New Year fail.

It’s different!

Yes it works. That doesn’t have to be! Because actually, successful weight loss isn’t that hard, as long as you just structure your diet properly. For this reason, I would like to introduce you to my 5 rules for successful weight loss in this article today.

Top 5 rules for successful weight loss
The 5 most important rules for successful weight loss summarized in a graphic

1. Set REALISTIC goals!

Often it fails already at this first punk. Many set their goals far too high from the start, making them quickly depressed if they don’t reach them within a short period of time. But it takes time to lose weight and you shouldn’t see it as a sprint, but much more like a marathon. So you should be honest with yourself and not try to lose 10kilo within 2 weeks.

But what is a realistic goal you will probably ask yourself. Well, realistically speaking, you should try to lose just under 1/2 kilos per week or less per week. That may not seem like much now, but that’s how you make sure you don’t get into the yo-yo effect after the diet, or you have to starve yourself.

2. Measure correctly!

Many people forget how important it is to lose weight when trying to lose weight, which actually says little meaningfulness about the body composition. Because your weight is highly dependent on other factors such as water retention and food in the stomach. But these are only the biggest factors. There are many other factors that can greatly affect weight. Therefore, it is also typical that you will weigh more in the evening than in the morning. For this reason, it is extremely important to measure properly for a successful diet.

For my case, for example, I don’t put much emphasis on what my scale tells me and prefers to measure the circumferenceof my hip e , because this is a direct indicator of whether I’m really losing fat, or just water.

Other popular and highly recommended methods are also daily weight measurements at the sametime. These values are then calculated at a weekly average and you simply try to weigh a little less each week than last week.

3. Add more saturating foods to your diet!

Successful weight loss is not really a witch’s work, as long as you make sure that you can maintain your diet and enjoy it optimally, even.

But in order to achieve this, it is important to incorporate more healthy and above all saturating foods into one’s own diet. Therefore, foods with a rather low glycemic index (GI) shouldbe incorporated into one’s own diet. This is because these are rather slowly digested and thus provide a long-lasting feeling of satiety.

Foods with a rather low glycemic index include whole grain products such as whole grain noodles or wholegrain bread, but also things like oatmeal, rye, rice or sweet potatoes.


4. Exercise and become active!

A very big mistake of many is to pay attention only to one’s own diet and to try to eat less. But this can have serious consequences in the long run. Because if you keep the body continuously on a calorie deficit, i.e. provide it with less food and thus less energy than it needs, it not only begins to break down fat, but also muscles. And that leads to even fewer calories being burned, as the muscles would normally have burned calories as well.

For this reason, it is extremely important for a successful diet to also integrate a type of sport or activity into everyday life to ensure that the body does not start to break down the valuable muscles that help to burn fat. Therefore, I would recommend everyone to start some kind of strength training, so that maybe even build up a little muscle and thus speed up the diet a little bit.


5. Don’t go mad!

As I mentioned in point 2, weight is influenced by many factors. For this reason, it can fluctuate greatly from day to day and this is often the case, especially in a diet. So many will notice at the beginning of a diet that they very quickly lose weight and the kilos go down like butter from day to day.

But that will not last. Because what really leads to this rapid weight loss is usually just water, because the body now stores less water than before the diet. The reason for this is the less added carbohydrates, which would normally have caused this water to be pulled into the muscles. Therefore, it is extremely important not to be mad by your weight or to despair when the weight is sometimes higher than hoped.

As already said: Losing weight is not a sprint but a marathon! and so it can be very good that you won’t lose any weight for a week, but then maybe 1kg less in the next week. It is crucial to simply keep calm and keep in mind that these weight fluctuations are absolutely normal and do not give up any reason immediately.