Supplement Union Royal Flavour Review – Royal Flavour Flavour Powder

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Welcome to my Supplement Union Royal Flavour Test. If you’re here because you’re thinking about whether the Supplement Union Royal Flavour flavor powder is really worthbuying. Then you’ve come to the right site! In the following I will reveal my personal opinion on the Royal Flavour Flavor Powder from Supplement Union. In this test I tested the flavors vanilla cheesecake and marzipan.

What are these flavouring powders or flavouring powders?

For those who don’t know what the Royal Flavour flavourpowders are. Here is a small explanation. The Royal Flavour flavourpowders are flavoured powdermixed with sweetener. For example, you can mix this into your skimmed quark, coffee, oatmeal or the latest baking experiment and refine it in terms of taste.

Supplement Union Royal Flavour marzipan and cheesecake in test
Supplement Union Royal Flavour marzipan and cheesecake in test

The taste of the Royal Flavour flavour powder

As mentioned at the beginning, I used for this test, the two flavors marzipan and vanilla cheesecake. Both varieties, in my opinion, can really be asify in terms of taste. So marzipan really tastes like marzipan and vanilla cheesecake like a delicious cheesecake from the baker. The Royal Flavour powders are perfect for mixing in yoghurt or skimmed quark. Since this is in contrast to the Flavor Drops such as the Nutriful Flavor Drops are just not liquid and therefore do not dilute it.

But also for baking, as you might guess, “cheesecake” especially the vanilla cheesecake flavor powder is just perfect!

Supplement Union Royal Flavour Review: The Nutritional Values

But now take a look at the back of the packaging. The nutritional values. Because im Unlike most sweetener flavors, such as keep Flavor Drops. Do the Royal Flavours also have calories and not too little. Because on 100g, the pülverchen, well and gladly, have almost 250 calories. However, most of these come from fibre. Since the powder has a carrier/fill substance made of corn dextrin.

Supplement Union Royal Flavour test
Supplement Union Royal Flavour test

The selection of flavor powders from Supplement Union

So let’s come to the different varieties of flavor powders that are so available to choosefrom. The Royal Flavour powders are now available in more than 68 (!) different flavors. (In addition, new ones are added again and again!) Which is why it is probably enough to say. There is a wide range of different flavours from the Royal Flavour flavour powder

The price of Supplement Union Royal Flavour Powder

The various Royal Flavour’s are available in many Supplement Online Shops. But if you want to have the complete selection, it is best to order directly from BodybuildingDepot or Amazon*. The flavor powders are available there for a good 18.5€. For other providers, prices usually vary a little. At the price I have to admit that the powders are a little higher in price than possible competing products such as Zec + or Myprotein. However, the giant selection and especially the solubility accordingly is also very good. In the end, however, I think you should just go to the taste.

Supplement Union Royal Flavour Review: Conclusion

In my opinion are really a great product to give your food a little extra touch taste. Especially with bodybuilding classic skimmed quark, such a small spoon royal flavor can really improve the taste by lengths! Even if you’re not a big fan of Flavor Drops, you might want to try the Royal Flavour Powder.

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