Rocka Nutrition Rockalicious Protein Bar Review – ‘I’m in love with the Coco’

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Welcome to my Rocka Nutrition Rockalicious Protein Bar Review and Review. Today is finally the time! I am in the fortunate position to publish my first protein bar test!

I’ve been playing for some time with finally starting a small article series here on the blog, namely a Protein Bar Test article series. The whole thing arose from the fact that I now have about 30 different varieties of protein bars lying around at home!

Today it’s finally so far my first protein bar test goes online! Today’s test includes Rocka Nutrion’s Rockalicious Protein Bar. This is the Rocka Nutrition* Rockalicious ‘I’m in love with the Coco’ Protein Bar. Because that’s the name of the protein bar in the coconut flavor.

Rockalicious Protein Bar Review
Rockalicious Protein Bar Review

The nutritional values of Rockalicious Protein Bars

It’s best to start with the nutritional values. After all, these are the real reason for buying the protein-rich snack alternative. Just not resorting to sweet temptations such as a Snickers. When you look at the specified nutritional table, it quickly becomes clear that the Rockalicious Protein bars do not have the same nutritional values as usual bars. Because on 100g they are with pretty much exactly 20gprotein, significantly higher.

But that should also be the case. Compared to alternative protein bars, I have to praise this. After all, the 20g protein is the so genant inhibition threshold that normally has to be overcome. Also their fiber content from 20g to 100g can be noted by from positive. However, I now view the issue of fibre with divided opinion. Since on the one hand fiber is very healthy and many struggle to eat sufficient fiber. But on the other hand, personally, for example, with my diet, i already have a very high amount of fiber in my diet, which a bar like this can easily lead to an upset of my stomach. Ultimately, one should therefore enjoy this very high fiber content with pleasure.

Rockalicious Bar Nutritional Values
Rockalicious Bar Nutritional Values

The ingredients of the ‘I’m in love with the Coco’ Protein Bar:

Rocka Nutrition Rockalicious Protein Bar
Rocka Nutrition Rockalicious Protein Bar

But these nutritional values naturally immediately raise the question: What is behind the Rockalicious Protein bar. So what ingredients are the delicious bars made of. But the Rocka Nutrition team is quite open here and so even the amino acid profile of the bars is printed. Ultimately, the bars consist mostly of a protein mixture consisting of milkprotein isolate, wheynprotein isolate and wheynprotein concentrate. But also from the prebiotic fiber called VitaFiber™, which is obtained from tapioca starch. Ultimately, just under 11 fructo-oligosaccharides syrup and the filler (polydextrose) are also used for production.

Ingredients of the Rockalicious ‘I’m in love with the Coco’ Protein Bar
Protein mixture(milk protein isolate (18.4), wheynprotein isolate (15.0), wheynprotein concentrate (5)), VitaFiber™ – isomalto oligosaccharide syrup (prebiotic fiber) of tapioca starch (20.0), fructo-oligosaccharides syrup ( 11,2), filler (polydextrose) (11,0), humectritive (glycerin), coconut flakes (4,2 ), cocoa butter, almonds,flavors, sea salt, acidity regulator (sodium bicarbonate), acidifier (citric acid), emulsifier(soylecithin), Sweetener (sucralose).

Taste of the protein bar: How does the Rockalicious Protein Bar?

Tastefully I must say the Rockalicious Protein bars definitely points! But nevertheless I think that the coconut taste, i.e. the I’m in love with the Coco’ variant of the Rockalicious Protein bars, but one of the rather weak varieties in terms of taste. From me the bar would therefore rather get a 6 out of 10. Important to mention is that this, as well as all other, Rockalicious protein bars are very tough in consistency and therefore relatively difficult to chew. This is, of course, due to the high fibre content.

Special features of rocka’s ‘I’m in love with the Coco’ protein bar Nutrition

That’s how we come to the topic of special features. For me, the Rockalicious Protein bars are mainly due to their very good amino acids profile and taste. Besides, I just love how delicious they taste after warming them in the microwave for just under 30 seconds. Since they then become quite soft and the normally very tough consistency no longer disturbs so much.

Rockalicious 'I'm in love with the Coco' Protein Bar
Rockalicious ‘I’m in love with the Coco’ Protein Bar

Price of the ‘I’m in love with the Coco’ Protein Bar

In terms of price, however, the Rocka Nutrition Protein bars are relativelyexpensive. Because for a bar you get for just under €2.29 which is quite expensive. Ultimately, however, higher-quality ingredients are also used. Therefore, I can say with a clear conscience that I would only recommend to those of you who would buy this small price increase for the higher quality that Rocka Nutrition Protein Bars can onlyrecommend. Buy Rockalicous Protein Bars*

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