Scitec Nutrition Protein Pancake Review - White Chocolate Coconut

Ready Mix for Protein Pancakes – Scitec Nutrition Protein Pancakes in Review

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Ready to mix for protein pancakes from the can? Sounds tempting, but what do the protein pancake mix of Scitec Nutrion really do. My Scitec Nutrition Protein Pancake Review.

I, too, am absolutely thrilled by the idea of a finished protein pancake mixture. Above all, the protein cakes are also low-carb! So I bought the pack. In this article I will present my experience with the Scitec Nutrition Protein Pancake

Ready Protein Pancake Mix by Scitec Nutrition
Scitec Nutrition Protein Pancake Mix

The taste of protein pancakes

TasteI must say, the protein pancakes of Scitec could really convince. The flavor I tested white-chocolate coconut tastes just as you would expect. But I also find the pancakes to taste relatively sweet, but also not too sweet. Personally, I have to say that they taste better than the protein pancakes from MyProtein. But it is well known that taste can be disputed.

The nutritional values of protein pancakes

So the taste would be clarified. But let’s take a look at the nutritional values and ingredients. Per serving (approx. 37g powder with water) the protein pancakes provide just under 5g of fat, of which 2g is saturated fat, 16g carbohydrates, of which 4g is sugar and 11g protein. Here you can also see why the pancakes taste so relatively good. Because overall the nutritional values are not unbelievably great now,with just under 5g of fat per portein. However, this is still much less fat than is contained in conventional pancake mixtures. But even with the 11g protein are relatively good.

When it comes to protein, it is important to mention that this comes mostly from very high-quality sources. In this case, it is whey protein concentrate.

Scitec Nutrition Protein Pancakes Wettwerte
Scitec Nutrition Protein Pancakes Wettwerte

How good is the preparation & solvency of the Protein Pancake Mixture

So, let’s get to the preparation. The protein pancakes are relatively lightly prepared. For this, simply mix 1 measuring spoon of pancake powder together with half a measuring spoon of skimmed milk or water.

Personally, I usually use water for my protein pancakes to save a little calories. I would argue that the powder mixes quite well even, in a conventional shaker.

Then simply fill the whole into a lightly greased coated pan and leave it, at medium, fry, are small bubbles to form. That’s the sign to turn around. Then just continue frying for 1-2 minutes and ready!

So really a quick and light protein pancake preparation.

The Price de Scitec Nutrition Protein Pancakes

The Scitec Nutrition Protein Pancake Mix can be bought for just under €15, for example on Amazon. Which, in my opinion, is also a very reasonable, if not quite good, value for money. Buy Scitec Nutrition Protein Pancake Mix on Amazon*

Scitec Nutrition Protein Pancake Review: My Conclusion

In my opinion, the Scitec Nutrition Protein Pancake mix is definitely worth a purchase. Above all, I would say that for a price of 15€ for a kilo of Protein Pancake Mix you can’t complain! Also the preparation of the protein pancakes is child’s play and therefore no excuse to do without delicious protein pancakes for breakfast! However, due to the rather high calorie density in a diet, I would rather advise against it.

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