Neue Proteinriegel test Kriterien!

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Neue Proteinriegel test Kriterien! The time has come! The protein bar tests, here on the Fittastetic blog are back again. I decided to continue my protein bar test series. However, with a few new rules.

A protein bar test at a new level!

The new protein bar tests
The new protein bar tests

From now on I will test and evaluate all future protein bars and also other product tests according to 6 specific criteria! This should make the tests more comparable and give you a better overview of whether a purchase is worthwhile or not.

Therefore, I will test in every protein bar in the future. Present you my opinion on the look, taste, consistency, nutritional values, quality of the ingredients and the price of the bar. In addition, I will still add a small conclusion to the bar with notes and my note

Protein bar Criterion: The optics

When it is optics, I try to evaluate the outer of the bars. Say whether they look handsome and tasty or rather very boring. But there is also the view of the inside of the bar. After all, you also want to be able to bite off and find a delicious sight.

Protein Bar Criterion: The Taste

If the optics are right. Of course, it is above all the taste of the bar that matters. When assessing the taste, I also try to take into account the variety of tastes. Nevertheless, also to give my opinion on the taste and to explain it to you with words. (For example, “tastes very artificial”)

Protein Bar Criterion: Consistency

In the consistency of the bar I think we have one of the critical points for a good, protein bar. Since unfortunately far too many bars are very tough and hard to chew. However, this is unfortunately difficult to avoid due to the ingredients used.

Protein bar Criterion: The nutritional values

After the consistency and the taste, however, the nutritional values are especially important. When evaluating these, I try to make sure that if possible at least 20g of protein is in the bar while the sugar content is not too high. However, I also pay attention to the advertised goal of the bar. For example, an energy bar is not bad if it contains a lot of sugar. The same applies to the fat content of a low-carb bar. Nevertheless, I also try to keep an eye on the calories, and I think that’s a very good goal here up to 200 calories.

The Protein Bars Test Criteria
The Protein Bars Test Criteria

Protein bar Criterion: Quality

When assessing quality, I pay particular attention to the use of high-quality ingredients. I consider protein sources such as soy or gluten to be rather cheap ingredients. Milk protein and whey concentrates as a rather good source. But also fat sources I will pay attention.

Protein Bar Criterion: The Price

As far as price is concerned. I make sure that the bar is possible to buy cheaply. But also pay attention to possible comparisons to other manufacturers and to the quality of the ingredients.