MyProtein Instant Oats Review – Oatmeal by MyProtein

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MyProtein Instant Oats Review! My opinion of MyProtein oatmeal.

Instant Oats from MyProtein or also known as oatmeal. You should know this before you buy it! In this article you will find my detailed review of the Instant Oats of MyProtein. Of course, you will also find out what I personally think of the Instant Oats or what I like to use them for.

MyProtein Instant Oats in the test:

Instant Oats by MyProtein
Instant Oats by MyProtein

The nutritional analysis:

As with all product tests, we start with the nutritional values. Since Instant Oats are nothing more than oatmeal and therefore ground oatmeal. Is it to be expected that the nutritional values of the Instant Oats do not really deviate much from the normal oatmeal nutritional values.

Calories: 384kcal
Protein: 11g
Carbohydrates: 62g
of which sugar: 11g
Fiber: 11g
Fat: 7.7g
Saturated Fatty Acids: 1.4g

MyProtein Instant Oats Nutritional Value
MyProtein Instant Oats Nutritional Value

Taste of Hafermhel:

Actually, I can’t say much about taste. It just tastes like oatmeal. But you can try it yourself and let me know if you disagree 😀

The possible uses of oatmeal:

The MyProtein oatmeal in a bowl
The MyProtein oatmeal in a bowl

Now we finally come to a more exciting point. The possible uses of oatmeal.

So, here I could give you a million different recipes and dishes for which I have already used the Instant Oats of MyProtein.

This includes, for example, baking cakes or breads, but also protein shakes orsauce. The possibilities are endless! After all, oatmeal is only a healthier variation of flour!

So I just linked you to some of my favorite recipes using myProtein’s Instant Oats.

Protein Banana Waffles

Protein Oatmeal – Apple Cinnamon

Make banana bread yourself

Succulent Coconut Protein Cake

Healthy Apple Muffin Recipe

Protein Cake Recipe


So, what is the result of my MyProtein Instant Oats product test? Quite simply, in my opinion, the oatmeal is a great addition to any fitness household.

Because sometimes everyone should know that oatmeal is just part of a healthy diet and the instant oats from MyProtein don’t get too bad.

With their many applications, they simply offer a super alternative to conventional flour. In addition, in my opinion, they are also very inexpensive to get with just 14€ for 5kg.


If I could convince you and you decide to buy the Instant Oats, I would be happy if you would do this via my link and support me a little 🙂
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