Musclepharm Combat Crunch Protein Bar Review – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Taste

My Musclepharm Combat Crunch Protein Bar Test! In this post you will get a detailed protein bar test and review of the Musclepharm Combat Crunch protein bar in Chocolate Chip Cookie Doug Taste!

Some people probably already know my protein bar test series. But for those who do not, here is the short version. I have set myself the goal to find the best protein bar! For this I try as many different protein bars as possible. If you’re still interested in other protein bar tests, just check out my protein bar test page!

As the attentive readers of my blog already know I have decided to test and evaluate my protein bar test always according to 6 specific criteria! This should make the tests more comparable and give you a better overview of whether a purchase is worthwhile or not.

Criterion 1: The optics

So let’s just start with the first protein bar criterion on the optics of the protein bar! Here the “Musclepharm Combat Crunch” has definitely put off a good figure. Because on the outside the bar looks very chocolatey and easy to bite in. Even after cutting, the protein bar still looks almost like the picture. Definitely a plus point.

Musclepharm Combat Crunch Protein Bar
Musclepharm Combat Crunch Protein Bar

Criterion 2: Taste

But now we come to the second criterion of a good protein bar. The taste.

Personally, I must say that I was definitely surprised by the taste of the Combat Crunch! Compared to other protein bars, the bar really tastes like real chocolate. Overall, however, I have to say that the promised Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough taste didn’t quite come across. Rather a delicious chocolate bar than a real cookie dough taste…

Criterion 3: Consistency

So now to the consistency of the latch. In the consistency of the bar I think we have one of the critical points for a good, protein bar. Here, the Combat Crunch can definitely stand out a little from other protein bars. It is not too tough, as one is used to, for example, from bars like the Rockalicious and can also be eaten super cold. Also the “crunch” effect was not promised too much, thanks to the protein cripiescontained in the chocolate coat.

Combat Crunch Protein Bar
Combat Crunch Protein Bar

Criterion 4: The nutritional values

Already at the purchase of the bar a lot to me on the bar with 210 calories per bar, but is located slightly higher. Because, let’s face it, you can’t always afford 210 calories for a small snack. Nevertheless, the bar also provides a whole 20g of protein and just under 12g of fiber. It also fills up for quite a long time and can be used super as a small snack.

Combat Crunch Protein Bars Nutritional Values
Combat Crunch Protein Bars Nutritional Values

Criterion: 5 Quality

That’s how we get to the quality of the bars. So the ingredients and contents of the protein bar. The bar consists mainly of a protein mixture of various whey protein concentrates. So a high-quality protein source. Which is very good. However, immediately afterwards, the second largest ingredient of the bar is palm kernel oil followed by sugar. Which in itself is not exactly good, or is healthy. Of course, somehow the taste must be able to be explained.

Ingredients of Musclepharm Combat Crunch – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough:

Protein mixture (partially hydrolyzed whey protein isolate (milk) , milkprotein isolate , whey protein concentrate (MILCH) , whey protein isolate (milk)) , isomaltooligosaccharides (tapioca starch) , palm kernel oil , sugar , ALMOND , cocoa powder (made with Alkaline), maltite, rice flour, contains less than 2 of: (unsweetened chocolate, glycerine, natural flavor, tapioca starch, sunflower lecithin, salt, cocoa butter, calcium carbonate, sucralose, SOJAlecithin)

Musclepharm Combat Crunch Chocolate Cookie Dough
Musclepharm Combat Crunch Chocolate Cookie Dough

Criterion 6: The price

So now to the last criterion. The price. In terms of price, the bar is clearly one of the more expensive protein bars. Because you get a box with 12 bars for just under 25-30 € on Amazon. This means that the cost per bar is about 2.20€. I would say that, given the very relatively high quality ingredients and high protein content, a reasonably reasonable price. Even if it’s definitely not a bargain! Rather something for special days.

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