How do I motivate myself to play sport? Sport motivation guaranteed!

The question “How do I motivate myself to sport” I have been asked again and again lately. Sure, for most people it is inconceivable that I go to sports and train almost every day. Apparently, in today’s society, it’s just too hard to motivate yourself for a little sport.

Sport motivation, made easy
Sports motivation, made easy!

Sure, who doesn’t know, you’re just lying so nicely on the couch, watching TV and maybe eating a few chips by the way. Actually, you wanted to be at training, but the gym just looks so strenuous compared to chilling on the couch. If you might just think that you have to get caught in such a situation far too often or maybe just wanted to be at training right now, I will present my personal Top 5 Sport motivation tips in this article. So that such situations no longer have to occur.


1. Setting goals

That’s why we just start with the most important tip to motivate yourself successfully and above all permanently, for sport. Setting goals! No matter what goals you set yourself. Be it to lose 2 kg, build muscle or just become more mobile and fitter. The main thing is, you know what you’re training for and that you hate a goal that you really want to achieve, but can.


2. Stay realistic!

And here we are already at the second tip for sport motivation. Setting realistic and achievable goals. Because nothing is more depressing than going to training again and again and trying hopelessly to achieve a totally unrealistic goal. Therefore, my tip is to try to set small things as a goal and to set new goals again and again when you reach the goal. For example, we say you want to get stronger and can only do with 20 kg of bench press at the beginning of your workout. Then you should first set yourself as a goal to press 30 kg. Believe me, as soon as you reach your first goals, you always want more and the motivation for the sport comes all by itself!

3. Keep your progress.

So we have already arrived at tip three. Documenting your progress. Because over time you can see how sport positively affects your life and your body changes. Then I can guarantee you that you will find more and more motivation to go to the sport. That is why I always advise to record in some way one’s own progress. Whether through photos through notes or measuring time. The main thing is again you do it! Such notes are also ingenious for days when you simply can’t motivate yourself. Because then you can just go through the documentation of your own progress and thereby motivate yourself to go to the sport.

4. Music.

So come to a little other tip. After all, the first three tips all went in one direction, and that was to motivate themselves through the sport itself. But the fourth tip is more in the direction of making the sport fun. In my opinion, this is easiest in which you make your favorite music while playing sports but also motivate you to listen to songs. Therefore, I recommend you to create a music playlist for the sport. Of course, you should also make sure that you make your training fun, otherwise even the best music does not help ;). Here you will find my favorite music for strength training


5. Rewards as Sport Motivation

One of my little insider tips is ultimately a tip for those who just can not help it. But also for people who are just starting to do sports. For these people, I recommend giving yourself a small reward, always after you have been at the sport. Of course, you have to make sure that this reward, be it the favorite ice cream or a chocolate bar which you absolutely love, is only really allowed when you were training. Because with this small but fine trick one takes care, indirectly, that one connects the sport with something positive and with the time thereby likes to go to the sport and is always motivated.


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