Haribo gummy bears and fitness? Do gummy bears and fitness fit together?

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Haribo gummy bears and fitness fit this together?

Today there is an article of a slightly different kind. The topic of this article is about gummy bears and fitness.

After my article on the Haribo Puzzle Edition became one of the most successful articles on this blog. The question often came up as to how this article would fit into my blog in the first place. That’s why I wanted to clarify today what sweets like Haribo Goldbären actually have with fitness.

Haribo Gold Bear Puzzle Edition
Haribo Gold Bear Puzzle Edition

Junk food as a fitness junky.

Then it’s best to start right away. Right ahead, I would like to stress that I am not a big fan of junk food or, in general, an unbalanced diet. Because above all as a fitness-motivated person, one should take care that one also provides oneself accordingly with healthy food. Only in this way can one be sure that the positive effects of the training really come to the fore and do not sink into the unhealthy diet.

But what about sweets?

But now on the subject of sweets such as Haribo Gold Bears. Now on the subject of sweets, I see a small advantage for training. Especially after a hard and strenuous workout, the little gold bears are perfectly suited as a post workout snack.

Avoid cravings.

Yes, of course, whoever repeatedly resorts to the little gold bears, ultimately ensures that he adds unnecessary calories and will thus increase in the long run. In addition, of course, one also runs the risk that due to the rapid insulin emission of the Haribo’s quickly falls into the evil craving trap and immediately gets hungry again, whereby you end up eating even more.

New Haribo gummy bears, with less sugar!

Haribo has also noticed the downside of such a high sugar content and released 3 new Haribo gummy bear varieties 30 less sugar.

Haribo gummy bears with less sugar
Haribo gummy bears with less sugar

The timing makes the difference.

But as already said, I consider the gummy bears and times as after the training to be very suitable. Because especially here after the workout, the body needs fast carbohydrates to fill its own glycogenstores. Because these are used up over the time of training. Which is also the reason why we feel so energetic after a hard and strenuousworkout.

Cheaper and more delicious.

many use fast-digestible industrial sugars such as dextrose powder or maltodextrin for such purposes. These are relatively easy to buy from most large supplement sellers. Normally, you simply mix this powder into your post workout shake to ensure that the blood sugar level rises again and the glycogen stores are really filled.

The delicious alternative.

But this is exactly where I think you can do without and simply eat sweets such as gummy bears. But it is also important to make sure that you really use sweets, which are mostly made up of sugar in order not to absorb unnecessary fat.

Haribo gummy bears and fitness just perfect for each other.

And that’s where the Haribo gummy bears come in. Because the various Haribo’s gummy bears are almost all mostly made of glucose syrup and sugar. This makes them so special and is also the reason why even many successful bodybuilders still resort to the little gummy bears after the workout.

What do you think?

So you hate my opinion and thoughts on the subject of gummy bears and fitness. But I would be interested to know what you think of the whole topic or how you handle it. So please leave me a comment or write me an email to feedback@fittastic.com.


Jonas Zeschke