German Fitness YouTuber 2017 – My Top 3

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In this article I would like to present my Top 3 List for German Fitness YouTubers today. So if you are still looking for German fitness Youtubern. Or maybe just look for a few new fitness YouTubers to expand your previously subscribed channels. Then you’re in the right place.

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Fitness YouTube a rising trend.

It’s a fact: a lot of people these days prefer to watch YouTube videos rather than TV. This is why fitness YouTubers are simply becoming more and morepopular. Personally, for example, I prefer to watch YouTube videos of my favorite fitness YouTubers or other YouTubers than watch TV. But often it is difficult to separate the good from the badwith the large number of fitness YouTubers. Or even to find good fitness YouTubers because sometimes (unjustly) they only have a very small number of subscribers and are therefore often difficult to find.

That’s why I decided to present my top 3 for German Fitness YouTuberstoday. All youTubers you will find here are, in my opinion, really recommended to look at. I think they bring very good entertainment with their videos. But of course also because they simply bring good fitness related workouts and nutrition videos.

German Fitness YouTuber : 1st place.

My 1st place in the German Fitness YouTuber goes clearly to SMARTGAINS . Benny aka. Smartgains delivers almost daily very high quality fitness and workout related videos but also funny and interesting videos from his everyday life. I particularly like how he manages to combine fitness and everyday life perfectly in his videos without losing his videos in entertainment value. In addition, when you watch his videos, you can see how much effort he puts into the video production and, above all, how much the whole topic of YouTube means to him. So if you don’t know SMARTGAINS yet, definitely check in! (Click here to go to the Smartgains YouTube channel)

Smartgains on YouTube:

German Fitness YouTuber : 2nd place.

At number 2 of the German Fitness YouTuber is for Me Narrow Shoulder. The actual policeman Kay repeatedly delivers videos from his daily life on his channel Schmale Schulter, in which he explains his training a little more precisely or responds to general fitness questions. Especially famous are his Full-Day of Eating videos in which he gets the most delicious recipe out and above all always really nice at cheating :D. In his videos he repeatedly emphasizes how important it is to live his life and not be too fixated onfitness. With this motto, it is very different for me from many other fitness youtubers. That’s why I think he’s just a Super Fitness YouTuber who definitely deserves to be looked at!

He himself describes it as his Aim to inspire people to sport and integrate a healthy diet into your life without having to give up enjoyinglife. So if you haven’t subscribed to narrow shoulder yet, definitely check over! (Click here to go to the Narrow Shoulder YouTube channel)

Narrow shoulder on YouTube


German Fitness YouTuber : 3rd place.

So and now to the 3rd place of the German fitness YouTubers. In my opinion, this goes to the YouTuber Pascal Su. Pascal has been in the YouTube business for a long time, but just in the last few months he has gained tremendous lyrities in subscribers and reach, and many other YouTubers think he is one of the greatest talent discoveries of the year. Pascal delivers with his videos a varied mix of on the one hand very training-related videos and videos on everyday questions and problems.

Pascal is particularly interested in psychology and also brings it into his videos. This ensures that his videos are always very but of course also rich in information nothing is missing in terms of entertainment. So also in this case. If you don’t know Pascal Su yet, you should definitely visit his YouTube channel. (Click here to go to the YouTube channel of Pascal Su)

Pascal Su on YouTube:


So what already with my recommendations of the German Fitness YouTuber for the year 2017. I hope I could provide you with some good inspiration for new German Fitness YouTube channels to watch. I would be interested to know who you personally like to look at or which fitness YouTuber you really convince since . So leave a comment with your German darling Fitness YouTubers.


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