Fitness Music 2017 – The Best Music for Strength Sports and Training

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The Best Fitness Music 2017 – My favorite music for strength sports!

You are looking for fitness music for strength sports?! Then you’ve come to the right place! In this article I present my 5 favorite songs for strength sports training. The songs are mainly strong electro, up to dubstep songs. Furthermore, I also linked my personal strength sports training music playlist from Spotify and 2 further playlists, which in my opinion simply fit perfectly to any strength sports workout.

The BEST music for strength sports!

Music for strength sports and training
Training Music 2.0: Music for strength sports

Today it’s all about really goodmusic. Almost the best music for the gym and strengthsports. butwhat is actually the best music for strength sports and generally for training? In my opinion, it is important for good fitness musicthat the songs add to the motivate to give the last repetition or the last little bit of power. So simple: motivate you to give everything and to “push” through.


Fitness Music Top 5 : 1st place

I have had a relatively hard time determining my right place 1, because I think it depends a lot on the situation and your own mood, which song really just makes sure you give everything. In the end, however, I chose Rick Ross’ song “Push It”. The reason for this is actually not really hard to see, because as the title suggests, the song simply makes it extremely important to give everything and continue to ‘Pushen’until the end.

Fitness Music Top 5 : Rank 2

At number 2 of the best music for strength sports I chose the song “Go Fuck Yourself” by Two Feet. The reason for this is the simply infinitely motivating drop, which is simply really well motivated to pull through the last sentence or repetition.

Fitness Music Top 5 : Place 3

At number 3 of the best music for strength sports comes for me for the song “The Paradox” by Excision. I don’t think I have to say much about this except: If you don’t have this song in your training playlist yet, you should definitely add it as soon as possible! Just mega motivating dubstep for training.

Fitness Music Top 5 : Rank 4

At number 4, in my opinion, is the song “Need You” by Dillon Francis. With this song I find, the speed of the whole song, but especially from the speed of the beat in the chorus is just tip. In my opinion, this fits perfectly with the speed of individual repetitions during training.

Fitness Music Top 5 : Rank 5

So, let’s get to the 5place of my Top 5 songs. The 5 place goes in my opinion to “Shut it down” also by Dillion Francis. With this song much the decision actually not really difficult for me, because here too I think that the speed of the song fits perfectly to my training speed in strengthsports!

Spotify Training Playlists Recommendations:

So, that’s what they were, my top 5 fitness music for strength sports 2017. If that’s not enough, I’ve linked my 3 favorite Spotify training playlists here!

Fitness Music Training HARD (By Me)

Hype (From Spotify)

Deutschrap for the fitness studio (by


What kind of music do you hear in strength sports ?

I hope I could give you one or two good suggestions of songs for your own training playlists. If so, please leave a review or comment. But I would also be interested to know what your top songs are for strength sports and what you hear for a style of music at training. So, please leave a comment there.

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