Fitness and nutrition in Bali - My semester abroad in Bali

Fitness and nutrition in Bali – My semester abroad in Bali

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Fitness and nutrition in Bali? Where do I train and what do I eat here?

So love you. The first month of my semester abroad in Bali is over! I actually had to continue this little blog once a week ago. However, so much has happened lately that it was difficult to write a small blog post.

But let’s get to the subject of the post today for the first time. After more than a month, I am now here in Bali. Of course, as a fitness I want to be crazier, because my training doesn’t let go. At the beginning I tried several Gym & Fitness Clubs here in Ungasan. However, these are usually only sparsely equipped and without air conditioning! That’s why I ultimately decided to sign up for the Jimbaran club. There is a wonderful pool, relatively good equipment and air conditioning. So what more do you want? Priced a little more expensive. But it’s worth it!

Fitness and nutrition in Bali
My gym in Bali

Of course, I tried to maintain my fitness diet as best I could. However, it is unfortunately really hard to meet his protein needs here in Bali. Especially me, who usually lives 70 of skimmed :D. The quark or yoghurt here is quite expensive but not bad either. Even if the nutritional values are not so bomb.

Normally, my daily diet therefore consists of as much non-fried chicken, eggs and quark as possible. But I was also able to order protein powder online thanks to local help. This really makes things much easier. I also try to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Especially kiwis and broccoli! Unfortunately, there are few TK vegetables here except for a peas and carrot mix, so you have to be careful to buy everything fresh and also to eat really fresh.

My typical dinner

Of course I also like to eat and there is my all-time favorite so far CHICKEN BBQ PIZZA! Yes, I know a cultural banause from the gentlemen… But this is just the right fitness diet in Bali 😉

Chicken BBQ Pizza!

Yes, that’s it actually so far on the topic of fitness and nutrition in Bali. Let’s see what the coming months bring! Of course, more has happened by the way. However, I am still trying to keep the contributions here somewhat informative and, if possible, with a main topic. If you want to know more, please write to me on Instagram (@fittastetic)