ESN Designer Bar Test - Designer Bar Stracciatella Test & Review

ESN Designer Bar Test -Designer Bar Stracciatella Test & Review

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You’ll think about buying one or more ESN Designer Bar Protein bars. Then this ESN Designer Bar Test is certainly helpful to my detailed review of the ESN Designer Bar in Stracciatella taste.

Because in this article there is my ESN Designer Bar Test today. So another protein bar test in my article series! If you’re still interested in other protein bar tests just check out my Protein Bar Test page! But enough of the many words let’s start with the actual ESN Designer Bar Test!

ESN Designer Bar Review - Designer Bar Stracciatella
ESN Designer Bar Review – Designer Bar Stracciatella

The nutritional values of the ESN Designer Bar:

So let’s start with the most important one as always. The nutritional values of the ESN Designer Bar. After all, that’s probably the most important thing with a protein bar!

At first glance, the very high protein content of 25g per bar is noticeable, which speaks for the Designer Bar! In any case, this covers the vaunted 20g protein brand. The very low sugar content of less than 1g is also really positive. However, I do not think the term “low-carb” is really justified in a proportion of 13g carbohydrates.

ESN Designer BAR Nutritional Values
ESN Designer BAR Nutritional Values

The ingredients of the ESN Protein bar:

But what about the ingredients? After all, all the protein can only come from cheap collagen protein. However, when looking at the ingredients, this idea can be rejected in part. Because most of it seems to come from a protein mixture of whey protein. Nevertheless, the second strongest ingredient contained is a collagen hydrolysate and since it is indicated before the bitter chocolate which is contained with 19%. Is assumed that the share must be above 20%. Which should not be the case at such an expensive price.

Ingredients from esN Designer Bar (STRACCIATELLA) :

Protein mixture (MOLKENPROTEINISOLAT 9%, MOLKENPROTEINCONCENTRATE, MILCHEIWEIß),collagen hydrolysate (source beef), bitter chocolate 19% (sweetener maltite, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, BUTTERREINFETT, emulsifier E442), humectosinan glycerine, water, soy crispies (SOJAPROTEIN, cocoa powder, tapioca starch), sunflower oil, emulsifier lecithine( May have a disconductive effect on excessive consumption. Allergen Info: May contain traces of gluten, eggs, peanuts and nuts.

ESN Designer Bar Review
ESN Designer Bar Review

Taste: How does the designer bar Stracciatella Protein Bartaste?

So we come to another really important topic of taste! As I said, I was unfortunately only able to test the Stracciatella taste. But at the ESN Designer Bar in The Stracciatella taste I have to say that I am quite positively surprised. Because I had tested so many bars in the supposed Stracciatella taste before and no one could really live up to the promised Stracciatella taste. At esN’s Designer Bar, on the other hand, I think the taste is relatively well hit. So I would say that the Designer Bar as a whole has a good but also not extremely convincing taste.

Special features of the ESN Designer Bar’s Stracciatella:

On the subject of special features of the bar, there is actually not much to say. Clearly, as already mentioned, the bar should actually be “low-carb'” but I don’t really think so. A second small specialfeature, however, is perhaps the protein Krispies in the bar, which enhance the whole bar a little and thus improve the consistency.

ESN Designer Bar Stracciatella
ESN Designer Bar Stracciatella

Price of the ESN Protein Bar:

In terms of price, I have to admit that he is playing in the top division. Because with more than 1.79€ the bar is quite expensive compared to other protein bars such as the Aldi Protein Bar,which I tested. You can now buy the bars in many REWE supermarkets or online supplement shops like Fitmart. Or you can get a box of 24 and save a little money.

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