ELF Energy Cake Review - The Calorie Solution Hardgainer?

ELF Energy Cake Review – The Calorie Solution Hardgainer?

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They are very much in conversation in the fitness scene, the so highly calorific energy cakes of ELF. Especially among the so-called hardgainers they are often seen as a solution to the calorie problem, in order to finally be able to increase and build muscle!

But what is actually behind the Energy Cake? If you’re wondering exactly that, then the following product test is just right for you. In this article I test the ELF Energy Cakes and give my personal opinion together with a recommendation when and who should reach for the energy bars.

ELF Energy Cake test - The miracle cure for every hardgainer!
ELF Energy Cake test – The miracle cure for every hardgainer!

Nutritional values of Energy Cakes:

As always, we start with the nutritional values. After all, this is also the main feature of the Energy Cakes. After all, they should be very nutritious. Many people use the bars above all when they see themselves as so-called hardgainers. So people who have trouble eating a lot and getting on their calories. Here, when you look at the nutritional values, it quickly becomes clear that they are definitely living up to this promise! However, it should be noted that the fat content is also relatively high. What to expect for an oatmeal bar.

Energy Cake Nutritional Distribution
Energy Cake Nutritional Distribution

Calories: 436 kcal
Protein: 5.5g
Carbohydrates: 60.9g
of which sugar: 25g
Fiber: 3.5g
Fat: 17.6g

What makes the Energy Cake so special?

Looking at the nutritional values, many people will wonder why the bar is so much in the “hype”. But there are so many reasons for this. First of all, all Energy Cakes are completely handmade! But they also offer, with about 500 Kcal and a variety of flavors, an extremely practical snack for in between or after the workout.

For anyone who struggles to eat a lot, so incredibly practical! The Energy Cake is therefore a real energy supplier, especially in muscle building. In addition, an energy cake provides many complex and fast carbohydrates in combination with vegetable fatty acids and proteins. This makes them a healthy alternative to normal chocolate bars.

So what does the Energy Cake taste like?

With a very wide selection of flavours, the Energy Cakes offer a variety of flavours. In the photo in the article it is the almond version, the bar I tested. In any case, it tasted very good to me. I also find it particularly good that the bars are not dry in consistency despite the very high oatmeal content. Which has a particularly good effect on the taste. Overall, however, it can be said that there is something for every taste in the Energy Cakes. But best you try all the flavors yourself and find your personal favorite!

Possible uses of Energy Cakes

Energy Cake Almond with Skyr
My Breakfast Energy Cake Almond with Skyr

Now we finally come to a more exciting point. The application possibilities of the Energy Cakes. Since the Energy Cake contains a lot of calories, it is less suitable for someone who is in the definition phase or on a diet. The high calorie density otherwise quickly leads to a weight gain. The so-called softgainers should therefore do without the Energy Cake or consume it only after very heavy training.

However, the Energy Cakes are particularly suitable for so-called hardgainers and ectomorphic body types, which can benefit from the high energy density. But also for everyone who has little time to cook, but still tries to build muscle. The bars are also practical for on the go, as they are ideal for takeaways. Personally, I also like to eat an energy cake together with a Skyr for breakfast. Since the two together ensure a good start to the day, with enough energy.

All in all, it can be said that the Energy Cake is a cheap calorie bomb for the sports bag and can therefore definitely be practical for athletes!

Energy Cakes Buy:

Energy Cake by ELF
Energy Cake by ELF

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