Body & Fit Vegan Protein Bar Review – Vegan Protein Bar Review

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My Body & Fit Vegan Protein Bar Review! In this post you will get a detailed protein bar review and review of the Vegan Protein Bar from Body & Fit!

Some probably already know my Protein Bar testseries. But for those who do not, here is the short version. I have set myself the goal to find the best protein bar! For this I try as many different protein bars as possible. Hence today’s Body & Fit vegan Protein Bar Test! If you’re still interested in other protein bar tests, just check out my Protein Bar Test page! But enough of the many words let’s start with the actual bar test of the vegan protein bar from Body & Fit!

Body & Fit Vegan Protein Bar Review
Body & Fit Vegan Protein Bar Review

The nutritional values of the Body & Fit Vegan Protein Bar:

As always, we start with the nutritional values of the Vegan Protein Bar. After all, that’s probably the most important thing with a protein bar!

Already at the purchase of the bar a lot me on the bar only 186 Kcalhas. Which is a very good start for me. But, with so few calories, the same question arises, of course, whether there is enough protein in the bar. But even here you can’t complain with 19.8g of protein per bar! I also find very good that the carbohydrate content with less than 5g is very low and could almost be called a low-carb. Of course, the 5.4g fat isn’t for everyone.

Body & Fit Vegan Protein Bar Nutritional Testing
Body & Fit Vegan Protein Bar Nutritional Testing

The ingredients of the Vegan Protein Bar:

But what is behind the nutritional values? For the Vegan Protein Bar, isomalt oligosaccharide, a relatively discredited fiber, is syrup with a sweet taste. This is therefore also the reason for the very high fiber content of more than 20g. But this is nothing new when compared to other protein bars, such as the Rockalicious. Protein sources appear to be a soy protein and a wheat gluten hydrolysate. Which speaks for rather cheap sources of protein. Only in 7th place you will also find a travel white. But if you’re honest, you can’t expect any other sources of protein with a vegan bar!

Ingredients of the Body & Fit Vegan Protein Bar in Strawberry Taste:

Isomalto-oliogosaccarid, soy protein, hydrolysed wheat gluten, filler (polydextrose), cocoa mass (9,9), oligofructose, travel white, humectop glycerin, sunflower oil, natural flavors, salt, sweetener (steviol glycosides, sucralose)

Vegan Strawberry Protein Bar
Vegan Strawberry Protein Bar

Taste: How does the Vegan Strawberry Protein Bar by Body & Fit taste ?

So let’s get to the taste of the vegan strawberry proteinbar. Immediately when unpacking the latch, a very strongly artificial smell suits you. In my opinion, the bar tastes quite like strawberry but unfortunately still quite artificial. Also the sweetness by adding stevia is conspicuous by the light aftertaste. For consistency, I have to say that it is very similar to the Rockalicous to chew. Even if at the same time the trick with the microwave doesn’t work so well! In other words, the latch has a slightly toughconsistency. In addition, the bar should not be eaten in the hand, but only touched on the packaging. Since the bar itself is a bit sticky.The conclusion of my side is therefore that I don’t exactly become a fan of the strawberry protein bar. However, I must also say that there is now also the bar in the cookie dough taste, but I have not been able to taste it yet!

Special features of the Vegan Protein Bar:

So what are the peculiarities. Really special is not quite as much at the vegan Protein Bar. Apart from the obvious. It is a protein bar which, unlike most other protein bars, can also eat vegans!

Body & Fit Vegan Protein Bar
Body & Fit Vegan Protein Bar

Price of the Vegan Protein Bar:

In terms of price, the bar is clearly one of the more affordable protein bars. Because you get a box with 12 bars for just under 15 €. This means that the cost per bar is about 1.25€. I would say that, given the very good nutritional value, a reasonable price. Even if it’s not a bargain!

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