Black Owl Energy Drink Review and Review! (Sugarfree Classic Energy Drink)

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Black Owl Energy Drink review! It’s time for an energy drink testagain ! In this article, I present you today, a new discovery on my part. The Black Owl Energy Drink in the Sugarfree classic Edition. If the name Black Owl doesn’t tell you anything, don’t worry, I didn’t know the company until I discovered the energy drink in the supermarket.

Black Owl Energy Drink review
Black Owl Energy Drink review

The nutritional values of the Black Owl Energy Drink:

As always, we start with the nutritional values. Even if the energy drink is the Sugarfree sugar-free edition, that doesn’t mean that it has no calories or other nutritional values. So the Black Owl Energydrink has the following nutritional values per 100ml:

Calories: 4kcal
Carbohydrates: 0g
Protein: 0g
Fat: 0g

When looking at the nutritional information, it may be noticeable to some that the energy drink supposedly does not involve any carbohydrates, fats or protein, but despite everything, it has just under 4 calories per 100ml. Therefore, one can quite rightly ask where these 4 calories should come from. Personally, I see the problem here in the fact that the information on nutritional values can also be rounded off. Thus, values such as 0.4g carbohydrates can be declared as 0g. This in turn, then means in reverse, that of course these 0.4g carbohydrates, for example, still contain just under 2 calories. So I guess the energy drink probably has anything between 0.5g and 1g of carbohydrates, just like most sugar-free energy drinks.

Black Owl Sugarfree classic Energy Drink Nutritional Values
Black Owl Sugarfree classic Energy Drink Nutritional Values


But, now let’s look at the ingredients list of the energy drink. Because somewhere the taste and above all the sweetness must come from, if no sugar has been used. As a sweetener, the Black Owl Energy Drink sugarfree classic, a mixture of the typical industrial sweeteners sodium cyclamate, ace-sulfame K, aspartame and sodium saccharin is used. Which is ultimately relatively typical of sugar-free drinks.

So let’s move on to the other ingredients of the energy drink. In addition to water and the mentioned sweeteners, the energy drink also contains caffeine. A value of 32 mg per 100 ml is given, which corresponds to the typical caffeine content of most energy drinks, such as Redbull.

In addition, the Black Owl Sugarfree Classic Energy Drink contains a vitamin mixture of niacin, phantothenic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and taurine. But this should not be a big surprise, since all these additives are said to have a stimulant effect and thus represent standard ingredients of most energy drinks.

Black Owl Sugarfree classic Energy Drink Ingredients
Black Owl Sugarfree classic Energy Drink Ingredients

Taste of, Black Owl Energy Drink:

So, but now to the most decisive criterion. The taste. Again, the Black Owl Energy Drink doesn’t really stand out from the mass of general energy drinks. Because its taste is very similar to Redbull or similar standard energy drinks.

Conclusion on the Black Owl Energy Drink:

So, what do I pull out of my Black Owl Energy Drink test? Well, in my opinion, the Sugarfree Classic Edition of the Black Owl Energy Drink is a rather simple and standard energy drink that doesn’t really distinguish itself from the crowd. Of course, the Sugarfree Energy Drink is nevertheless motivated for fitness, like me, who just want to drink an energy drink every now and then without drinking the same feeling 100kg of sugar, worth a purchase. In addition, it offers a relatively good and cheap alternative, with a price of 0.79€ to the more expensive energy drinks like the Monster Energy Ultras. But, just try it yourself and get the Black Owl Sugarfree Classic Energy Drink.


Want to know where to buy the Black Owl Energy Drink? No problem at all. Just try it at the nearest supermarket or beverage retailer. If your local beverage retailer/supermarket doesn’t run the Black Owl Energy Drink, it’s best to go to the side of Black Owl Energy and see which supermarket near you sells the energy drinks. Buy Black Owl Energy Drinks.