Barebells Protein Bar Coconut Choco – Barebells Protein Bar Review

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Barebell’s protein bars are probably already known to many. But what can the relatively popular protein bars of barebells actually do? In this article my Barebells Protein Bar Test. This gives you my personal review and test result on the Barebells Protein Bar Coconut-Choco.

Some people probably already know my protein bar testseries. But for those who do not, here is the short version. I have set myself the goal to find the best protein bar! For this I try as many different protein bars as possible. Today’s bar I heard for the first time on the basis of a recommendation via Instagram. But with a little research I had to realize that the bars of barebells are already relatively well known andpopular. But enough of the words let’s start the test!

Barebells Coconut-Choco Protein Bar Review
Barebells Coconut-Choco Protein Bar Review

The nutritional values of the Barebells Protein Bar Coconut-Choco :

So let’s start with the most important one as always. The nutritional values of the Barebells Protein Bar Coconut-Choco. After all, that’s probably the most important thing with a protein bar!

Overall, each bar (45g) delivers a little under 200 calories where is pretty much 20g of protein. Thus, exactly the “magic 20g protein” brandis covered. The carbohydrate content is also relatively low at 15g. Of which only 1.6g of sugar are added. The total of almost 8g of fat is, in myopinion, good to justify, as this is a chocolate coconut bar.

barebells protein bar coconut-choco nutritional
barebells protein bar coconut-choco nutritional

The ingredients of the Barebell protein bar:

But what is behind the pretty good-looking nutritional values? When looking at the nutritional values, the first ingredient and thus also the most common ingredient is a milkprotein. What is quite very sensible and good, for a high-quality groupl. Unfortunately, however, this does not seem to have reached most manufacturers, which is why the cheaper collagen protein is often used, as in the case of the ESN Designer Bar is the case. In addition, the very strong, chocolate percentage of just under 16 is also quite conspicuous. This should then explain the relatively high fat content of 7.7g well. Only the coconut content is, in my opinion, a little small. But at 6 still in good frame.

Ingredients and ingredients of the Barbells Protein Bar:

Milk protein, glycerin, 16 milk chocolate (maltitol, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, soy lecithin, flavor), isomalto-oligosaccharides, collagen hydrolysate, coconut flakes 6, water, S ojanuggets (soy protein isolate, tapioca starch, salt), palm fat, flavor, sucralose, acesulfame K.

Barebells Protein Bar Test
Barebells Protein Bar Test

Taste: What does the Barebells Protein Bar Taste Coconut-Choco ?

So we come to another really important topic of taste! For my Protein Bar Test I tested the Barebells Protein Bar in coconut-choco taste as described in the title. But of course I have already been able to test the other Barebells protein bars. However, I am simply the most convinced of the Coconut-Choco. The taste of coconut and chocolate just come over pretty well. This is probably also due to the relatively high proportion of chocolates. But the Barebells bar also convinced me in the consistency. Clearly the bar is still relatively tough, but overall I think it is clearly better to chew than comparable bars like, for example, the protein bar from Aldi from previous test.

Special features of the Barebells Protein Bar Coconut-Choco:

So what are the peculiarities. Really special for me at the Barebells Protein Bar Coconut-Chocois the good nutritional values. But also the good ingredients compared to other bar manufacturers. For me, however, it is also special because, like many others, it does not contain an extremely amount of fibre. Since I personally get problems with the high fiber proportions of other bars from time to time. Similar to FCB Sweden’s Protein PRO

Coconut-Choco Barebells Protein Bar Review
Coconut-Choco Barebells Protein Bar Review

Price of the Barebells Protein Bar Coconut-Choco:

In my opinion,you definitely can’t complain about Protein Pro! Because a box with a total of 24 bars you get for just 24€. This makes it much cheaper than comparable bars with such nutritional values. But of course not supercheap.

You can get the Barebells Protein bar at Body&Fit* . Otherwise, you can also buy the bar on Amazon* or most other supplement stores.

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