Aldi 50% Protein Bar Review - Discounter Protein Bar Review

Aldi 50% Protein Bar Review – Discounter Protein Bar Review

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Today there is a special protein bar test. Because in this review I’m testing Aldi’s 50% protein bar! It’s been a little bit since my last protein bar test of the Milky Way protein bar. But as promised, I will continue to test bars for you!

Today it is now a discounter protein bar from Aldi. The bar is an Aldi offer that is not always available. In my test I tested the Professional 50% Protein Bar in strawberry flavor. But enough of the many words let’s start with the actual Aldi Protein Bar Test!

Aldi 50% protein bar test
Aldi 50% protein bar test

The nutritional values of aldi 50% protein bars

So, as always, let’s start with the nutritional values of the Aldi protein bar. After all, these are the real reason to buy the protein-rich snack alternative. Just not to resort to sweet temptations of the normal chocolate bar. It quickly becomes clear that Aldi’s protein bar with 50% protein content,as the name suggests, delivers very high protein content. In total, there is a bar of just under 25g of protein. This clearly speaks for the bar, as it is even above the well-known 20g protein brand.

Nutritional values of the Aldi Protein bar
Nutritional values of the Aldi Protein bar

The ingredients of the Aldi 50% Protein Bar :

But what about the ingredients of the discounter Protein Riegel . Finally, it is also very important from which sources the mentioned protein comes from. Which ultimately determines the quality of the bar. With the ingredients, it is already clear positive that the highest proportion comes from a milk protein source. However, gelatin hydrolysate is also used, which is considered the worst protein source.

Ingredients of the Aldi 50% Protein Bar:

Milk protein, gelatin hydrolysate, 18% milk chocolate with sweetener (maltite, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier: soy lecithin; flavourings), humecrant: glycerin; hydrolysed wheat gluten,soy-crisp (soy protein, low-fat cocoa, tapioca starch),soybean oil, cocoa mass, flavors, low-fat cocoa, palm fat, salt, thickener: rubber Arabic;
Spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, piment, ginger, coriander, cardamom),emulsifier: soy lecithin;
Sweetener :Sucralose.

Aldi 50% Protein Bar in Strawberry Flavor
Aldi 50% Protein Bar in Strawberry Flavor

Taste: How does the Strawberry Protein Bar by Aldi?

In terms of taste, however, I have to say that Aldi’s strawberry protein bar is not really convincing. Because in my opinion this tastes just extremely tough. Clearly the taste of strawberry is probably not so typical for a bar now. Nevertheless, I just think that the consistency of the bar makes you pay little attention to the taste and just focus on chewing.

Special features of Aldi’s 50% protein bar

On the subject of special features of the bar, I only noticed that the typical trick of heating in the microwave, unfortunately does not work. Because unlike most of the tough protein bars I know, even a warm in the microwave does not cause the bar to be deliciously juicy and soft. When Aldi’s bar is made, this only makes it burner and inedible …

Aldi protein bar test
Aldi protein bar test

Price of the Aldi Protein Bar

In terms of price, I have to admit that the discounter Protein Riegel is more in the price midfield for discounter bars. The pack of seven bars is for €6.99. What does a protein bar cost just 1€. Compared to well-known protein bars such as the Rockalicous Protein Bar, this is of course a very cheap price. However, compared to other discounter bars which can already be purchased for 0.69€ rather in the midfield.