50 Protein Pro Bar Review! 50 Protein Pro Chocolate by FCB Sweden

My FCB Sweden 50 Protein Pro Bar Review. Do you already know the 50 Protein Pro Bar from FCB Sweden? If not, this article is just right for you! In this article Today I will give my personal review of the 50 Protein Pro Bar of FCB Sweden.

Some people probably already know my protein bar test series. But for those who do not, here is the short version. I have set myself the goal to find the best protein bar! For this I try as many different protein bars as possible. For today, however, the 50 Protein Pro Bar from FCB Sweden is in the test! If you’re still interested in other protein bar tests just check out my Protein Bar Test page! But enough of the many words let’s start with the actual 50 Protein Pro Bar, Protein Bar Test!

FCB 50 Protein Pro Bar Review
FCB 50 Protein Pro Bar Review

The nutritional values of the FCB Protein Pro Bar in Chocolate Taste :

So let’s start with the most important one as always. The nutritional values of the 50 Protein Pro Bar. After all, that’s probably the most important thing with a protein bar!

On the page of Body & Fit *, where the bars are exclusive to buy. Are you made such great promises with sentences like: “Per bar only 1g of sugar” or “22.5g protein per bar”. Of course, the whole thing is not lies, but it is best to look at the nutritional values yourself! I particularly like the relatively low calorie content. What I do through from treasures of good protein bars, as I usually see them as a small snack with a lot of protein.

Overall, each bar (45g) delivers a little under 160 calories where there is as much as 22.5g of protein. In the end, exactly as promised. The carbohydrate content is also relatively low at 10g. Even less than the supposed “low-carb” bar from ESN from my ESN Designer Bar Test . Ultimately, the nearly 4g fat isn’t really much for a chocolate bar.

Nutritional values of the Protein Pro Bar from FCB Sweden
Nutritional values of the Protein Pro Bar from FCB Sweden

The ingredients of the 50 Protein Pro Bar:

But what is behind the so good-looking nutritional values? The whole thing is easy to answer when you look at the ingredients of the Protein Pro Bar. There you will see the highest component of the bar a protein mixture of hydrolysed wheat gluten, soy protein and milk protein. There is the first blemish, because apparently the bar consists to a large extent of bad and cheap protein sources such as soy. But when looking at the second ingredient, one of the very strong chocolate stake of just under 15.6 falls on which also explains the fat content of 4g well.

Ingredients of FCB Protein Pro Bar – Chocolate

Protein mixture (hydrolysed wheat gluten, soy protein, milk protein). Milk chocolate with sweetener 15.6 (maltite, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier: soy lecithin, flavourings), humectops: glycerin, gelatin hydrolysate (animal), soybean oil, cocoa mass. Aromas, lean cocoa, salt, thickener, gum arabic (vegetable fiber), sweetener steviol glycosides

Protein Pro Chocolate from FCB Sweden
Protein Pro Chocolate from FCB Sweden

Taste: What does FCB Sweden’s Protein Pro Bar taste like ?

So we come to another really important topic of taste! As I said, I tested the Protein Pro Bar in Chocolate Taste in my test. To this I have to say that the chocolate taste really wasn’t even so badly hit. Of course, this is probably also due to the fact that almost 16 chocolates are available. But of course still not quite a comparison to a conventional chocolate bar. This is mainly due to the rather tough consistency, which is comparable to the consistency of the Milky Way Protein bar.

Special features of the 50 Protein Pro Bar from FCB Sweden:

So what are the peculiarities. Really special is not quite so much about the 50 Protein Pro Bar from FCB Sweden. Except for the strong protein content of over 20g at such a low calorie! In addition, perhaps also the relatively low carbohydrate content. For me, however, it is also special because, like many others, it does not contain an extremely high fiber content. Since I personally get problems with the high fiber proportions of other bars from time to time.

FCB Sweden 50 Protein Pro Bar
FCB Sweden 50 Protein Pro Bar

Price of the Protein Pro Protein Bar:

In my opinion, you definitely can’t complain about the Price of Protein Pro! Because a box with a total of 24 bars you get for just €24. This makes it much cheaper than comparable bars with such nutritional values. But of course not super cheap.

Here you get the Protein Pro 50 Protein bar *

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