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My name is Jonas and this is my personal blog. Here you will find everything possible that has to do with the topic of fitness and healthy nutrition. These include: free recipes, product tests and recommendations, nutrition tips but also training plans and training tips. In addition, I also offer personal nutrition and training coaching More information can be found under the menu tab Consulting. In addition, I will give some insight into my life in the form of small blog posts or even a V-LOG or podcast. If you want to know more about me, just check out my Instagram profile. @fittastetic


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Here you will find all my favorite recipes. Whether low-carb, high-carb, high-protein or whatever else is there.

Protein Potato Salt Recipe

Protein Potato Salad Recipe

You love potato salad, but are still looking for a healthy alternative? Well, then try …

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Turkey sandwich baguette homemade Subway sandwich recipe

Turkey Sandwich Baguette – Homemade Subway Sandwich Recipe

Turkey Sandwich Baguette. Homemade Subway Sandwich Recipe. Today there is again a real lunch snack …

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Barebells Protein Bar Coconut Choco – Barebells Protein Bar Review

Barebell’s protein bars are probably already known to many. But what can the relatively popular …

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Cytosports Muscle Milk Protein Bar Review – Muscle Milk Protein Bar Review

My Cytosports Muscle Milk Protein Bar Review! In this post you will get a detailed …

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Protein bar Reviews

Here you will find a series of different protein bar tests

My Podcast

Here you will find the latest episodes of my podcast (Green Diet)!

Fitness abroad – Nutrition and training on the road

Yes moin love her. Welcome to another episode of the Green Diet podcast. Fitness Abroad …

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